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The rebranding of Med Patent brand and its product brands.

Our task was to change the corporate image of Med Patent brand, which is an orthopaedic and rehabilitation equipment producer. The Med Patent brand along with the family of product brands have been refreshed and the new visual identity suggests better quality and the orientation on a client, who is aware of healthy lifestyle.

Med Patent company has been offering its products on Polish market since 1990s. From this time on, it has been selling them through telemarketing as well as in the chains of orthopaedic shops. The company operates both in Poland and abroad. Lately, Mad Patent needed to redefine its attributes as well as change its identity and work out a new way of visual communication.

As a result, a certain balance has been developed. The one between medical world, associated with disease and treatment and everyday life, which is accompanied by a routine care over health. Thanks to this, the company has broadened its capability of selling its products in places not exclusively associated with treatment, rehabilitation and orthopaedics. Simultaneously, Mad Patent keeps its strong position in existing selling channels, where its products are unique and attractive in comparison with the competition.

The aim of the new image strategy is to present Mad Patent as a provider of everyday medical devices, focused on prophylaxis. Both patients and physiotherapists have been able to experience first-hand the high effectiveness of Mad Patient`s corrective products. Presenting the advantages of these products, in the context of their common and widespread usage as well as the comfort of their application, we want to reach the people, conducting a healthy lifestyle in line with the proverb – ‘use before you get sick’.

A new artwork has also been given to the internet service. It contains the information about products, the series of leaflets and stands as well as supporting materials for distributors and trade partners. Shopping in the graphically refreshed internet shop, equipped with new functionalities is to facilitate access to the products for the customers form Poland and abroad.

We have attached the brand book as well. All elements form a coherent, generic concept. In the project we used a consistent colour key, which helps to recognise the products in shops and display them attractively on shelves.

Simultaneously, Mad Patent brand with its new logo represents its products, guaranteeing their quality. The logo represents the following products: ‘Pajączek 1’ (Little Spider 1) – for straight back, ‘Pajączek 2’ (Little Spider 2) – for straight back and flat belly, ‘Jeżyk’ (Little Hedgehog) – a mat for children and adults with wide application and ‘Kangurek’ (Little Kangaroo) – a belly band, which unburdens back and minimalize the consequences of the parting of rectus abdominis muscles during pregnancy


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