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Antakya Street

Internet Refugeehood Education Platform

We have created an Internet Refugeehood Education Platform. This project has been implemented for the “Nomada” Association for Multicultural Society Integration.

The purpose of the “Antakya Street” platform is to educate Polish people about refugees from the Middle East by teaching about the reasons for their refugeehood, its effects, and about cultural differences. We have launched the website as part of the project, where we have uploaded documents including a cycle of short GIF clips illustrating issues that refugees face.

“Antakya Street” is one of many streets that could exist in any country in the Middle East. It is a symbolic street that has to be left behind by its residents because of the arrival of war and violence. Many protagonists live there, mostly Muslims, members of the Syrian middle class. This symbolic street has helped us to tell a story about its residents. It is meant to be an emotional bridge between two human beings. It can encompass common social issues: plans, feelings, cherished personal belongings, patterns... everything people suddenly have to leave behind. Therefore, in order to offer insights into the topic of refugeehood, we have decided to use a convention deeply rooted in pop culture which is enjoyable and allows viewers to easily identify with protagonists.

  • KLIENT "Nomada" Stowarzyszenie na rzecz integracji społeczeństwa wielokulturowego
  • WWW
  • YEAR 2016

The platform is part of the wider educational and informational activities conducted by the “Nomada” Association for Multicultural Society Integration, which will include the creation of publications for health and social welfare services workers, as well as of educational facilities certified for working with refugees.


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