cyber kids on real


We are running an image campaign for the Aegon capital group in Poland.

We are running an image campaign for the Aegon capital group in Poland. The goal of this campaign, which launched on December 26th, is to build brand awareness and position the company in the life insurance market.

The campaign will last until February 4th, 2016. Three 30-seconds commercials and three 10-second ones will be broadcast by the major national television stations, such as: TVP1, TVP2, TVN, Polsat, as well as thematic channels. The media mix of the campaign also includes online advertising on VOD platforms and on the YouTube channel. The online campaign will direct viewers to a landing page designed to engage visitors.

Aegon is a 160-year-old international company, which has been operating in Poland for over 15 years. However, for the sake of clarity of communication we do not focus on this information. Instead, we decided to educate. While watching various examples of insurance company and financial product advertising, we barely endured their monotony. It was a flaw we fully intended to avoid. As such, we looked for a clever way use the advertising block as a launching pad and decided to employ a rarely used visual language – the cartoon. We had an easy task, because the global Aegon brand has had an affinity for this type of visual art for quite some time.

Furthermore, a year ago the Polish Aegon released a series of online cartoons as sales aids for their advisors. The content of these videos was useful and they were well received. We also wanted to bring up unpleasant aspects in a humorous way – just like in the videos from 2014. People, or rather Poles, are reluctant to combine the two issues: finances and the future. They do not like to think about important life events, which are the essence of Aegon brand financial products.

Creation: Cyber Kids on Real: Dominik Cymer, Magda Charytończyk, Katarzyna Lorenz
Directors: Łukasz Gronowski, Natalia Jakubowska
Production house: Platige Image
Animation: Filip Grudziel
Mets media house is responsible for media planning.


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