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Corporate identity and promotional materials.

Spotlight Kids propagates contemporary art among children and their parents. It does it through meetings and workshops with well-known artists, educationalists and art experts. The platform organises classes in places important for the world of art: museums, galleries, institutions involved in art. Spotlight Kids familiarises people with the phenomena occurring in contemporary art.

Our task was to create visual identity, representing the original character of Spotlight Kids platform. We took in the following assumptions: Firstly – the Spotlight Kids way of communication comes from the world of art and we have to use the same language in a graphic dimension. Secondly – The actions in this project involve children and their parents, who meet artists on the platform and together take a part in a creative process. This process allows many scenarios and not necessarily carries out the one, which has been accepted originally. We have had a chance to learn about it working during many workshops with children. Thirdly – we wanted to be different in a graphic dimension from other institutions working with children, where art is often limited to various ‘manual activities’ such as painting, splicing or moulding.

Solution: The identity represents the characteristic features of creative proccess, it is ‘open’, dynamic and flexible so that it offers various possibilities and interpretations. In case of Spotlight Kids, the main medium of communication is poster and it was the starting point in the process of designing the identity. We have designed not a sign but system, which regulates the identity. It is dynamic and we are constructing it on the bases of a pattern (starting from a poster as its main medium, through smaller elements such as leaflets, Facebook formats – meme, advert, background – and finally logotype. Each new event, which is an essence of Spotlight Kids activity can be design following this pattern and each time all elements will work and communicate a current event.

  • CLIENT Spotlight Kids
  • YEAR 2014


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