cyber kids on real


Design and illustrations for the "Water" educational set.

Copernicus Science Centre invited us once again for collaboration. We designed whole educational set with Centre’s proprietary experiments. The main theme of the educational box is „Water: from microworld to the macrochallenges in megascale”.

Our task was to design the visuals for the set of cards - scenarios of experiments, as well as the illustrations for instructions of performing them. We also created the graphic designed of the educational box and other supporting materials being part of it.

Educational set „Water” is another experimental set, combining various fields of sciences (but not only). The idea behind is a part of the program that Copernicus Science Centre is collaborating on with Ministry of Education. The program fulfills the concept of active and creative teaching, and represents the very new kind of educational platform. As Copernicus Science Centre claims, „We would like polish schools to finally become places where the pupil’s curiosity is stimulated, and the pupil itself is involved in the process of an individual exploration of the world, in order to take advantage of its potential”.


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