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The “Look and admire” campaign

On October 26th the Nickelodeon Poland station aired the premiere of the show entirely devoted to the funny and self-centred lemur King Julien from “The Penguins of Madagascar”.

To support the show, we created the “Look and admire” campaign. Its intention is to make kids’ lives easier, because bragging about oneself is also a skill, and boosts one’s self-confidence. King Julien is ready to lead by example. The campaign was addressed to 5 – 12 years olds and their parents. 

King Julien is a charismatic character, albeit not without flaws. His strengths are: inherent coolness, sense of humour, sociability, and the ability to stay of out trouble thanks to the “flexibility” of his personality”. He may be a little self-involved, but... we like that about him. 

The outdoor campaign included television, online (social) and offline media (titles for children published by Egmont and Media Serwis Zawada), as well Mulitkino and Helios multiplex networks. Additionally, the campaign was accompanied by an event aimed at parents, educating them on the benefits on the intelligent approach to praising children, and supporting their self-esteem. 

  • ROK 2015

Customer: Viacom International Media Networks in Poland the following TV channels in their portfolio: Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon HD, Nick Jr., MTV, VH1, VIVA, Comedy Central, Comedy Central Family and Paramount Channel HD. This linear offer is complemented by applications (such as MTV Play and Nickelodeon Play) and websites offering a total of over 700 hours of video content, 100 games, and 50,000 music videos. Globally, the company is part of Viacom.


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