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Interactive installation for Greenpeace educating on renewable energy sources.

Passers-by coming through the Pasaż Wiecha in the centre of Warsaw between June 12th to 27th could come across a large arrow – it was the installation of Greenpeace, symbolically indicating the direction in which the change the Polish energy policy should follow.

On tablets, which were the part of the installation, engaged users could use specially designed educational applications to generate virtual electricity from renewable energy sources: the virtual sun, wind, water, biomass, or geothermal energy. The player could learn a lot from the application about the renewable energy sources, and, at the same time, by the engagement in the fun, the player could exercise a civic concern and his or her own view on the future of the energy in Poland.

The public opinion polls show a huge public support for the idea of green energy, which, unfortunately, is not shared by the politicians. The Poles understand that renewable energy sources mean for us, who are dependent on imported fuel, freedom and energy independence.

  • KLIENT Greenpeace Polska
  • ROK 2014

The games were integrated with the website, on which the current total score achieved by the players was displayed – i.e. the how much energy was produced by the Poles. The installation included also an infographics with information and trivia about generating energy from renewable sources.


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