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Aegon Program Finansowania Studiów +

Creative concept and realization of the campaign for Aegon Group Poland

We are responsible for the creative concept and realization of the campaign for the Aegon Group Poland. The campaign, promoting Aegon Program of Financing Studies + was launched on 10th September 2016, and has been aired on TV and on Internet.

The campaign receivers are parents and families of children attending preschool or primary school. The Program of Financing Studies + was created to help them acquire and guarantee the funds, necessary to pay for the child’s future studies, either in Poland or abroad.

As part of the campaign, we succeed to realize two tv spots, the 30” and its shorter, 15” version, which was aired in polish television and on the theme channels. The spots are redirecting the viewers to the web platform,, where they can find many useful informations about the cost of studying in Poland and in other countries. Moreover, the media plan of the campaign is including the Internet and numerous actions on Facebook.

In our spot we show the colorful - but not too sugary - world of the child, who role-plays various characters during the play. This way, we are able to show the whole history about the child development and its educational process. The main aim of the campaign is to make parents realize that their children’s education is costly, so the best solution is to plan it all - the earlier the better. The campaign language is accessible, a little bit humoristic, and it creates a positive message alongside the solution - the educational product that parents should be informed about. 


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