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Literary Traditions Festival

We created promotion materials for The Pan Tadeusz Museum.

In this year, in The Pan Tadeusz Museum is the first edition of Literary Traditions Festival.

The characters of this event are two Polish poets: Adam Mickiewicz and Tadeusz Różewicz. Even if we are not aware of this, the tradition enters into the all spheres of our life: social and political discourse, literature, culture and art, customs, and every things.

We can defy tradition, but tradition has an influence on our lives, our environment. When we negate tradition and we have distance to tradition all time we fight with tradition. We have to realize: tradition touches us whether we want it or not. Tradition is contemporary and actual. 

Therefore, the visual identity of the Festival is symbolic of tradition as some kind of mechanism, the structure acting in many levels.

Literary Traditions Festival shows us tradition in many contexts and shots. From very specialized and scientific: debates, publications to more easy workshops and events for ordinary audience.

  • CLIENT Muzeum pana tadeusza
  • WWW
  • YEAR 2017

Creations and promotion materials prepared Cyber Kids on Real.
Photographer: Jacek Kołodziejski.


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