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Campaign for young people

promoting the educational project of the National Institute of Museology and Collection Protection.


We have created a creative concept for the campaign, a strategy for campaign activities and we have also conducted a campaign in social media.

The goal of the social media campaign was: to reach as many young users as possible with information about the educational website "". We also wanted to encourage young people to read the page content.

We assumed that popular culture likes to mix with history. That is why we created the "Historical Collection", which is a series of fashionable gadgets: patches inspired by articles from the site, historical figures.. 

We wanted to promote content: that is why patches became a pretext for exploring historical topics on the website and in social media. We also showed that history can be cool, because historical gadgets took part in a fashion photo session.

For the campaign, we have organised photo shoot and created creations interesting for the young target group: with a collection of historical fashion. A series of patches was also created with Polish artists, social activists, scientists, feminists, heroes and heroines from the old days .

Campaign creations: photos and short spots, were corresponded with the education content of the website. And directly have referred to website content, and also encouraged to read the articles.


On the specially created landing page of the campaign was collected entertainment and content encouraging interaction: a competition, a quiz and a collection of historical articles.

Users were invited to the competition: to create your own historic slogans (for patches) based on historical knowledge. We were produced the most interesting patches. Thes patches were awards for participants of the competition.

  • KLIENT Narodowy Instytut Muzealnictwa i Ochrony Zbiorów
  • WWW
  • ROK 2018


is a historical portal operating since January 2016. The project is implemented by the National Institute of Museology and Collection Protection.
The portal shows that the history of Poland is not only dates and battles, politicians and commanders; apart from 'big politics', literature, art, science developed, and the everyday life of the inhabitants continued. The portal also reminds about the important role of women in history and often disseminates facts known only to specialists.


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