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A series of animations for the "Poles Far & Wide" project.

We have created a series of films inspired by the work of outstanding Polish women and men. The animations served as the content of the service  „Poles Far & Wide”, as well as material for marketing communication.

Project „Poles Far & Wide” was created as part of the website. It tells about the achievements and lives of 40 amazing Polish people: artists, architects, engineers, scientists, travelers, whose are migrants after historcal nineteenth-century happening. 

The project presents figures of Polish emigrants who contributed to the culture of the world: from Australia to Alaska, from Norway to Antarctica.  

The characters of the movies we created are, among others: Maks Faktorowicz, who cooperated with  Hollywood stars, Maria Czaplicka, an anthropology lecturer in Oxford, she was studying the phenomenon of shamanism, the artist Stefan Norblin, scienist Ludwik Hirszfeld, the Nobel laureate Maria Skłodowska-Curie. In the movies, we show in the symbolic style every polish people who createde in various fields: from lifestyle to art, to scientific discoveries, architecture and academic activities..

As a result of work on campaign materials and content for the site, an artistic film impression was created, consisting of a sequence of puzzling images, showing the profiles and works of outstanding Poles. Movies can be viewed as one whole, but also as separate, autonomous images. They do not tell about historical facts about a given person, but they build the narrative in a symbolic and indefinite way. Because the task of films is to intrigue the recipients of the website and social media, so that they want to read further stories about extraordinary Polish women and Poles on the website:

  • ROK 2019

The concept and creations were prepared by the Cyber Kids on Real agency. The author of the photos is Jacek Kołodziejski, the music was created by the composer Jan Komar. is the flagship brand of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute – a national cultural institution promoting Poland and Polish culture worldwide. Featuring over 40,000 articles in Polish, English and Russian, features the best of Polish literature, design, visual arts, music, film and more, with over 6 million visitors a year across 80 countries.


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