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Nomada Association

Educational social media campaign and content for the web channels.

In advertising materials we tell internet and socialmedia users about the Nomada Association, which runs a free counseling point for migrants. 

In the films and campaign illustrations we show the organization as it is: people working for the association, areas of activity, Nomada projects. We show the stories of people who were helped by Nomad. We present educational materials on human rights created together with Nomada.


We illustrate facts related to the subject of migration. We educate, e.g. how to react to aggression, how to counteract violence. We try to show this knowledge in a simple way. So that everyone after seeing the movie or post knows what to do when, for example, witnesses aggressive behavior in public space.

We show in a positive way people from Nomada who work for integration and migrants. In the materials, Nomada shares his knowledge and experience of working for the association's clients.

We present other cultures, e.g. by sharing cooking recipes. We talk about the difficult experiences and fate of migrants, often about official or institutional absurdities, to arouse empathy among users and encourage them to donation for various association projects to support new arrivals.

For the campaign and content activities, we create special visual communication language. It characterized by a strong graphic style, strong colors and symbolism. We created a database of icons and illustrations.

We have launched on the website, special campaign subpages, wchich advertising creatives have linked in. In each such article, we encourage users to make a donation to Nomada's activities.


Nomada Association for Multicultural Society Integration is a human rights organisation based in Wroclaw. They are focused on immigrants, foreigners and ethnic or religious minorities. They want to break stereotypes and prejudices and we strive to shape attitudes of solidarity between people of different backgrounds and social status. Through their activities, they attempt to create relationships based on mutual understanding and good communication. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO MIGRATE: NOMADA’s main activities are: development and educational projects, monitoring and advocacy, interventional assistance and legal support. They also release publications, hold trainings, conferences and debates.



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