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Stowarzyszenie HaKoach

Karty do gry i edukcyjna kampania

The mission of the HaKoach association is to promote Jewish culture: education in the field of traditions and customs, as well as integrating the Łódź community and counteracting anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia. As part of the project, an educational card game was created: "Primer HaKoach", content for the website, as well as a campaign in social media.


Playing cards are for young people and educate about Jewish culture. During the game, teenagers encounter a wealth of stories, legends, heroes and interesting facts from the colorful history of the Jewish nation. The game introduces you to the world of Judaic symbolism and mysticism. The cards teach Hebrew letters. There are two decks of cards with the Hebrew alphabet in the package, and there is a story behind each letter.


The stories in cards are written friendly and accessible way for the young audience. They answer questions about Jewish culture that the young person wants to ask, but is ashamed or afraid of the reaction that such a question might provoke. For example, why do Jews wear a kippah or a skullcap, why do they circumcise newborn boys or how they celebrate Jewish holidays. The cards also became a pretext for discussing contemporary and topical topics for young people, such as: equality, menstruation, violence, power and feminism. The cards are also intended for anti-discrimination and intercultural workshops as well as lessons on Jewish culture.

The vector illustrations on the cards that accompany the knowledge provide a visual commentary on the content: playful and slightly surreal; the point is to intrigue the young person on the one hand, and to show the multitude of meanings and associations on the other. Cards are a tool both for discovering Jewish culture and searching for intercultural associations and relationships. The game "Primer HaKoach" has been produced, you can also download it from the website.

The cards were used to create a social media narrative about Jewish culture and advertising formats. Campaign creations refer to extended information on the website, where the stories from the game have been developed and provided with additional information: On this website, young people can take part in the quiz: "What kind of a hero / s of Jewish culture are you?". On September 1, 2020, a contest on knowledge about Jewish culture was launched, in which the prize is the game "HaKoach Primer".

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HaKoach is a young non-profit organization focused primarily on Jewish culture. HaKoach is Hebrew for "strength". The main goals of the association are: the creation and promotion of Jewish culture, education in the field of Jewish culture, traditions and customs, integration of the local community, as well as counteracting anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia. The main core of activities is culture and education, social campaigns around Jewish culture, guided tours of Jewish Łódź, as well as workshops, events and festivals. Through its activities, the association wants to connect two worlds - religious and secular. HaKoach is an open and friendly place, focused on exchanging ideas, creating culture and education.

The visual content for the website, gadget design, campaign social media creations, and a quiz were prepared by the Cyber ​​Kids on Real agency. The agency also ran a campaign in social media. The "Elementarz HaKoach" project was created in cooperation with the NOMADA Association for the Integration of Multicultural Society and was financed by the EVZ Foundation as part of the "Collective Power to Incite Change" project. IOVO is responsible for the website software.


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