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Pol & Polski

Animated series about Pol, Polish Watermelon, Cabulara and Paweł

Pol & Polski is a series about a family and a group of friends: Pol, Polski, Cebular and Pawel. Some of them you will surely associate with someone. Associations are a curse... about of climate changing. And if we are talking about the climate, the action is in Poland, where instead of birches and willows there are palm trees and cacti, and the Polish Watermelon is a by-product of global warming.


Polish Watermelon is the first one juicy, sweet watermelon from Poland. He is strong, healthy, brave and always smiling. He has hard skin. He does not care. His seeds are fertile and there is plenty of it. He loves his country of origin and is Pol's friend.


Paweł is a kid of Pol and Cebulara. He has a funny cap and is worn in white. He has educational problems. He only eats sweets and watches porn. His parents are devastated, so they force him to become an altar boy. He is thinking of a career in church structures, but he is also attracted to terrorism.

Onion is not sensible, but solidly tanned. She is a real lady. She likes money. She likes shopping. She likes promo. She rests and thinks a lot. She often compares himself to others. She is empathetic, has coaching and psychological abilities. She complains all the time, because she is a real onion from Poland.

The gray eminence of episodes. If someone is behind all of this, if there is any conspiracy - it's only Techno - leprechaun. Repetitive music, or as specialists call it, is the leitmotif of their lives. Techno - dwarf always show up at unexpected times. He does his crazy gaber dance to hard core techno music..

Pol is torn. He is supposed to be the main character, but he does not feel comfortable with it. The serenity of his spirit is truly March. And in March, weather is mixed. His personality is like April, because April is a little bit of winter and some summer. He has high blood pressure and many other - more or less imaginary - diseases. Fortunately, she has pills prescribed for this.


  • KLIENT pol & PolskI
  • ROK 2020

Cyber Kids on Real is still working on this animation and maybe the series will finally see the light of day. Although you never know because the coronavirus changes the plot. Fortunately, the topic of Poland is still relevant today.


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