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International campaign: Look for similarities not differences. Together against islamophobia

We created the concept of an international campaign and campaign materials: Look for similarities not differences. Together against islamophobia. The aim of the campaign is to counteract Islamophobia. 


The intolerance, discrimination and hatred experienced by Muslims this is cause that many of them live in fear on everyday. The reasons for this reluctance are different - in Poland we have Islamophobia without Muslims. They constitute only 0.1 percent of the polish population. Aversion to Islam among Polish women and Poles is based on ignorance and stereotypes that lead to an increase in prejudices, additionally fueled by politicians and the media, spreading disinformation and hatred.


Effective counteracting stereotypes should be based on education that shows that we create a community together. That is why in the campaign we present various situations that connect people. We emphasize that whether who we are and where we come from, we have the same needs, feelings, we are afraid of similar things, we have similar mishaps.

The campaign creations illustrate ordinary life moments such as: birthday, torn umbrella, fun, joy, fear of a spider - these feelings and situations are universal for all of us. We create a positive message, built on a humorous approach, with a joke and gags.  

A humorous approach to a serious topic means that the recipients will not feel stigmatized and will not close themselves to the message, but rather begin to identify with Muslims and Muslims. The world is not perfect, but it can be better if we are empathetic.

  • ROK 2021

Visit the website: for information on the phenomenon of Islamophobia and tips on how to respond to it.

The campaign was commissioned by COPE, an Austrian-Polish-Slovak team composed of three cultural organizations and institutions. Community work, Participation & Empowerment (abbreviated as COPE) is made up of Caritas Vienna, the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna (MUMOK), Mareena from Bratislava and the Nomada Association from Wrocław. Anti-Muslim racism, especially on a structural level, cannot be fought with single actions. Therefore, cooperation at European level is important.

texts: Łukasz Pyrka
illustrations: Magda Pankiewicz and Dominik Cymer

The project is financed by the European Union (Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-2020)


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