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Historia Posłuchaj

Campaign with historical podcasts for e-learning

During the COVID-19 epidemic, there was a huge demand for interactive educational content. Teachers and students searched the web for attractive materials for e-lessons. From that is the idea to create online educational materials: historical podcasts for young people.


Podcasts were inspired by articles from the website "Historia: Poszukaj". We tell about the history of Poland in an interesting and accessible way for a young audience. Podcasts have also become a pretext for discussing universal topics for young people.


These stories could inspire creators of popular series. There are intrigues, sensations, romances, the fight for a freedom, as well as mysterys and humor. In podcasts, we tell about non-obvious historical curiosities.

The content of the podcasts is constructed in a way to teach a young person to think independently, to search, and to play a historical detective. Each podcast ends with a question, and the answers should be found in articles published on the website. The content of the issues from the recordings corresponds with the school program Podcasts have been supplemented with additional materials and teaching tools for pupils and teachers. These are historical scripts and cards, with their help you can check and improve your historical knowledge.

As part of the social media campaign, advertising formats were created; banners were linked to the campaign landing page. Podcasts were also published on popular platforms such as: YouTube, Spotify, iTunes

As part of the campaign was a competition. Young people wrote competition scripts. The prizes were historical gadgets inspired by the website's content: fashionable accessories, T-shirts and professional recordings of winning podcasts. Recorded materials were posted on the website Historia Poszukaj, and podcasts created by a young person may be sent to Polish schools.


  • KLIENT Narodowy instytut muzealnictwa i ochrony zbiorów
  • ROK 2020

The campaign idea, content for the website, podcast production, advertising creations and design of historical gadgets were prepared by the Cyber Kids on Real agency. The agency also ran a campaign in social media. Podcasts were recorded at IF Sound Studio, voiced by actor Bartłomiej Magdziarz. The website's editorial office is responsible for teaching materials.

Let's listen to podcasts:

Texts: Historia poszukaj, Kasia Gryzło, Cyber Kids on Real


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